Sl.No. Name Designation Office. No. Email Id.
1. SRI ANAND KISHOR, IAS  Commissioner, Patna Division 0612-2219205
2. SRI SANJAY KUMAR AGARWAL, IAS District Magistrate, Patna 0612-2219545
3. DR. THIYAGARAJAN SM, IAS District Magistrate, Nalanda 06112-235204
4. SRI BIRENDRA PRASAD YADAV, IAS District Magistrate, Bhojpur 06182-221312
5. SRI ANIMESH KUMAR PARASAR, IAS District Magistrate, Rohtas 06184-222226
6. SRI RAMAN KUMAR, IAS District Magistrate, Buxar 06183-222336
7. SRI RAJESHWAR PRASAD SINGH, IAS District Magistrate , Kaimur 06189-223241
8. SRI KAUSHAL KISHORE, IAS District Magistrate , Jamui 06345-222002

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